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The solution: sensors + app

Sencrop is making precision agriculture more accessible to farmers everywhere. The digitally connected ag-weather station allows farmers to access real-time climatological data and parcel-specific weather conditions directly from their smartphone or computer.

  • Install your mobile weather stations easily in your fields.
  • Analyze collected data—anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage your plots in a purposeful, targeted manner.

The Ag-Weather Rain Station

The only rain gauge available with a double tipping bucket design, renowned for its accuracy in measuring rainfall accumulation.

  • Measures: Rainfall (inches), Temperature (°C), Humidity (%)
  • Geolocation
  • Motion detector​




The Ag-Weather Wind Gauge

The Sencrop Station is equipped with the latest in sensor technology, allowing it to measure current and forecasted temperature, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction on your plots, even if they’re spread out or far apart.

  • Measures: Wind speed (mph), Gusts, Wind direction
  • Geolocation
  • Motion detector





The application


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Cumulative Dashboard

  • Cumulative rainfall, temperature changes, etc
  • Distribution curves (day to day, min/max)
  • Personalization


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  • GPS location services
  • Map view
  • Station movement alerts


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Simple alerts

  • Stay informed. React with ease.
  • Personalized text or email alerts
  • Alarm mode (low water volumes)


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  • Precise 7-day forecasts
  • Climate predictions for your plots
  • Improved decision-making