SOUFFLET AGRO, a company located in Prostějov, is part of the SOUFFLET GROUP. It is a French agricultural company, which was established as a family business in 1900 and whose field of activity is slowly expanding from France to Europe and then all over the world.

Nowadays, the Group employs 7400 employees, owns production plants both in France and abroad and its business activities are divided into nine divisions: agriculture, malting, miller, winemaking, international trade, processing of corn, ingredients, rice and legumes; biotechnology.

The current company SOUFFLET AGRO was established in June 2007. It began by the merger of the original companies Selekta (seed specialization) based in Prague, GA AGROCHEM (specialization in chemistry) based in the Staré Město and SOUFFLET AGRO (trade specialization). The main activities of the group are to provide the range of services in the agricultural field, starting in trial fields and technical consulting, going through supply of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers and finishing in the purchase of malting barley and other cereals for food, feed and energy purposes.

To be able to call SOUFFLET AGRO a reliable partner, we have applied for the registration in the Solvency Register. SOUFFLET AGRO is among companies that demonstrate their financial stability, good payment morality, solvency and reliability. As a member of the Solvency Registry, SOUFFLET AGRO is regularly monitorised for compliance with strict membership requirements.

You can see certificate here.

SA_prostejov.jpgHeadquarter of SOUFFLET AGRO in Prostějov


9 jul

Successful Field days SOUFFLET AGRO 2019

Also this year, SOUFFLET AGRO organized field days in the Bohemia and Moravia region. The second Field day in Rostěnice near Vyškov took place on J...

12 jun

XV. Velký polní den SOUFFLET AGRO ve Všestarech už za týden!

Polní den v Rostěnicích je úspěšně za námi, ale už za týden, 19. 6. od 9.00, Vás zveme na XV. Velký polní den SOUFFLET AGRO ve Všestarech u Hradce ...

29 may

Polní den SOUFFLET AGRO v Rostěnicích se blíží!

Těšíme se na Vaši účast už příští středu, 5. 6. 2019 od 9.00, na II. Polním dni SOUFFLET AGRO v Rostěnicích! Polní den se bude konat i v případě ne...

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